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I heard this in a song, and wondered. Apr. 2nd, 2006 @ 03:26 am
And nothing I can do
Can add to what you've done
So let my soul be satisfied.

I was wondering...
What makes your soul satisfied?

Hello everybody. Mar. 14th, 2006 @ 09:49 am
I like to take pictures.

My birthday is a holiday. Mar. 2nd, 2006 @ 01:47 pm
July 23 is National Vanilla Ice Cream Day.

What's yours? Check here -- http://library.thinkquest.org/2886/


Why do I say I want to hang out when really I don't? Feb. 9th, 2006 @ 04:52 pm
I get myself trapped in that situation a lot. I mean to say "Hey, this was fun, I'll see you around." I did a Chandler. "I'll call you." Oh my gosh, I might be in trouble.

Then these people that I say this to, plan other things around the time approx. that we might be hanging out, and I figured out that one of them wanted me to hang out with their friends that I don't particularly like, and they don't like me, either. I'm not going to force myself to be friends with someone who won't give ME the time of day. I have enough relationships of people sharing their problems to me, to extend my arm longer, and grab three more. No way. I'm not doing that. And then the person I originally planned to hang out with, they couldn't understand that after watching a TV show over at someone's house and then abruptly leaving is rude, sure I stay around for a little while after anyways, but if a discussion occurs and it's meaningful, I'm going to stay. I gave no time of when we were to hang out. This person stays up 'til 4 in the morning every night. They can hang out whenever. But no, they said "I'm going to hang out with Errick around 9 (when the show got over) and then after that, I'll call you." I left my friend's house, I was watching TV at, around 11. I know that's late, but I never scheduled a time when me and this other person would hang out. We're not dating. Therefore, I don't owe it to them. And if you are going to proceed and pack on other plans, do those first, and call me afterwards. I would have been fine with that. But they wanted me to go with them so that they wouldn't feel as uncomfortable because an ex of their's would be there. Funny how that works, yeah?

I shouldn't have said I wanted to hang out.

And then the next day, I was supposed to go over to that person's house and get a picture done for an abstinence poster that this person's mother was doing for the KISSN program. But I slept all the way through it until 5:30.

Yesterday was one of the worst days, ever.

And then last night, I stayed up until 4am watching Boys on the Side. And then I woke up today at 4:30. I'm annoyed with my sleep schedule. I want to wake up for my alarm.

I need to go to bed earlier.

I need to read the Bible more. I need to pray more. I've been lacking. And that sucks, because when a relationship as important as one with the Father is lacking, everything else in general seems to just suck. From my experiences, that's true.

Lord, forgive me. Please Jesus. Give me time with you today.

And tonight, I'm going bowling and I'm going to have fun.
I'm Feelin': draineddrained
Jammin' To: Bonnie Raitt "You Got It"

Marcus is here. Feb. 7th, 2006 @ 11:57 am
Sitting at my local coffeeshop thinking of all of you.

Thai food awaits. Talk with you soon. <3
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If someone wants to make me sweet icons, that's cool with me.

Jason Mraz, Boy Meets World, Germany, 12 Stones, Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera.

Just some things which they could be icons of and I'd be happy.
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This is just for you Chris. Hey buddy.

This is for everyone: tell me what's going on with you, personally. What's important in your lives right now, feel free to share as long and as detailed as you would like.

Hope everyone is doing awesome. I looked for a job today. I might be working at Holiday Inn pretty soon, I hope. <3
» "fine dining" by jason mraz
"fine dining"

i keep a good luck charm
tucked under my arm
cause she told me to
a little soft and round
like a penny found
she said keep an eye on you
in case i try and do
something stupid

she's a little bit of life
a paragraph, a point of view, a messenger
she's reading middle sex
and i'm on salinger
so it may come as no surprise
why i'm the perfect guy for her

she's mine
loves her wine
and fine dining
that's right, she's mine
she's so fine
and loves fine dining

when i'm in the shower
i take about an hour
and i think of her
girl, i'm a dirty boy
with the bathtime toys
the fog rolls in and it's ships ahoy
i pretend i'm her gilligan
and she's marry anne and ginger combined
well my honey's so funny
she's money
she never means to undermind
she knows i love my job
but i love her more
so it makes no difference
either long distance
or over time

she's mine
she loves her wine
and fine dining
she's so sweet
oh so petite
oh so completely entertaining, oh
she holds my hand
we love to dance
oh so romancing, oh
she is mine

we pretend our friend is a minister
he wears a cap and gown
and he pulls a crowd
and he walks us down
the aisles to where we say our vows
we say our vows, we say our vows
and pray

considering her space and her miles from graceland
hook me up
i need a strong soy latte
make it grande
and wake me from my nightmares
and keep me safe when she's not there
don't call me crazy

because she's mine
she loves her wine
and fine dining
she holds my hand
and takes the chance
at sweet romance
and also disco dancing
oh see she's mine
she loves her wine
fine dining
yes, she's mine oh mine
lover her wine sometime
yes, she's fine oh fine darling

let's make out

(j. mraz) i want a studio version. NOW.
» instructions are listed. let's see who follows the rules. <3

Whatever you do, DON'T CLICK ON THIS!!!

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