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Previous Entry Crushin' Mar. 6th, 2015 @ 03:37 am Next Entry

Sitting in my new town of 2 years (moved November 2012) smoking a cigarette in the carport. Wondering if the next move I make will be any time soon. Ready for the next step at 29. Before 29, I want to live in Los Angeles county. Currently, I live with two 22 year old girls, Bre and Courtney. Working at a cafe. Making $9+tips. Today, I strolled in on time at 11:45am and walked out at 4:09pm with a twenty in my pocket. I'm listening to Spotify "Class of 2004" station. Forgot about my LiveJournal. Sorry, folks. Maybe I'll remember this outlet a bit more. I need something a bit more hidden to express myself online in presence but hidden to my current situation.

I am sick of the same wake up, go to work routine in my city. Camarillo is so boring. So quiet. So stagnant.

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