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2012: New Beginnings - Errick

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Tomorrow marks a new era.
I am trimming my friends list down in real life, not just on FB.


I will be flying back to Virginia from (Hill AFB) Utah. I am excited to get back and make money, but I am sad to leave my friends/family here. Cameron, Shelby, Luna (& Zero) are easily the closest thing to the greatest part of my life right now. They are selfless, caring, and amazing people.


Luna is 6 months now and talking (in gibberish) so much (her birthday is June 27th, 2011).
Shelby & Cameron had a little spat while I was here, but things are better. They will be moving back to Virginia by June. I am counting down the days.


As for the friends I am letting go, I am following a golden rule.
Some people are in your life for a season, and some people are in your life for a reason.


Just gotta let it go.


I know my true friends are out there.

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