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Here's an update for the records... - Errick

About Here's an update for the records...

Previous Entry Here's an update for the records... Apr. 9th, 2009 @ 09:45 am Next Entry
Where do I start?

Workin' at Glory Days full time some nights as a server, some as a bartender. Goin' to school part time at LFCC three days out of the week. "Hangin' out and relaxin' all cool" 24/7. Becky & I broke up in March this year. Long story. Paid off my 5k loan this month for my new car I bought and started last year. Savin' up money to travel a little bit before I get an apt. I still live at home with Mom & Dad. Itchin' to get an apt. Kinda bored with life, not gonna lie. Here's to increasing stimulation but not the population. :)

Can't wait for SUMMER. The Fray 6/14. Busch Gardens 5/16. King's Dominion 4/18.

Golden birthday this year. 7/23. 2WENTY 3HREE on the 23rd. <3

For those of you still out there, drop in and say hey. Missed you guys.

(Not really writing this blog to keep you all updated. Writing so when I check back on it, I can say wow, I am glad I got that done and move on.)
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