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Mr. Rogers Jun. 2nd, 2016 @ 02:10 am
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"Mr. Rogers"

Everywhere I go, they ask me where you been
What I’m supposed to tell em?
That we fell out.
And you turned out to be a shitty fucking friend.
That wouldn’t go over so well... would it?
Just another night.
I'm drinking by myself
More shots by the minute
There were many
Taking these bullet wounds from everybody else.
I expected better from you
And it cut so much deeper from you

Maybe you should have tried to listen
Maybe you should have tried to love
Instead of assuming the worst intentions

Who the hell are you to judge me?
Who are you to judge me? [x3]
Yeah yeah yeah yeah [x2]

Just another night.
I'm smoking in the dark.
Playing back our conversation
Damn it’s crazy
Never thought you would be the girl without a heart
I would never do that to you
You weren’t there when I needed you
And you didn’t even try to listen
And you never even gave a fuck
Always assuming the worst intentions

Who the hell are you to judge me?
Who are you to judge me? [x3]
Yeah yeah yeah yeah [x2]

Roommates Mar. 12th, 2015 @ 09:11 pm

Not only do I hate, when not invited somewhere, with people that I would invite at the drop of a hat, but when they don't do what they say will do irks me to no end. Luckily this is private so I can get away with venting online and no backlash. (Even if it gets back to them, they had to search really hard to find this to be mad about it.) I hate living with other people unlike myself, type A...oh how alone I feel at the same time.

Crushin' Mar. 6th, 2015 @ 03:37 am

Sitting in my new town of 2 years (moved November 2012) smoking a cigarette in the carport. Wondering if the next move I make will be any time soon. Ready for the next step at 29. Before 29, I want to live in Los Angeles county. Currently, I live with two 22 year old girls, Bre and Courtney. Working at a cafe. Making $9+tips. Today, I strolled in on time at 11:45am and walked out at 4:09pm with a twenty in my pocket. I'm listening to Spotify "Class of 2004" station. Forgot about my LiveJournal. Sorry, folks. Maybe I'll remember this outlet a bit more. I need something a bit more hidden to express myself online in presence but hidden to my current situation.

I am sick of the same wake up, go to work routine in my city. Camarillo is so boring. So quiet. So stagnant.

Everything is New. Feb. 14th, 2012 @ 03:36 pm
New living space, new roommates, new situation completely.

I think I'm in love with being (relatively) independent and free. I am responsible for me, finally. This feels good.

It's Valentine's Day. I've never been so elated to go to work. I get to wear my white button up with a sexy tie and serve people a delicious meal.

"We're never coming down..." helium hearts by jason reeves.
Current Location: Brandy Station, VA
I'm Feelin': happyhappy
Jammin' To: "Helium Hearts" by Jason Reeves

2012: New Beginnings Jan. 19th, 2012 @ 12:12 pm

Tomorrow marks a new era.
I am trimming my friends list down in real life, not just on FB.


I will be flying back to Virginia from (Hill AFB) Utah. I am excited to get back and make money, but I am sad to leave my friends/family here. Cameron, Shelby, Luna (& Zero) are easily the closest thing to the greatest part of my life right now. They are selfless, caring, and amazing people.


Luna is 6 months now and talking (in gibberish) so much (her birthday is June 27th, 2011).
Shelby & Cameron had a little spat while I was here, but things are better. They will be moving back to Virginia by June. I am counting down the days.


As for the friends I am letting go, I am following a golden rule.
Some people are in your life for a season, and some people are in your life for a reason.


Just gotta let it go.


I know my true friends are out there.

Current Location: United States, Utah, Layton
I'm Feelin': contemplativecontemplative
Jammin' To: "I Won't Give Up" Jason Mraz
Other entries
» Here's an update for the records...
Where do I start?

Workin' at Glory Days full time some nights as a server, some as a bartender. Goin' to school part time at LFCC three days out of the week. "Hangin' out and relaxin' all cool" 24/7. Becky & I broke up in March this year. Long story. Paid off my 5k loan this month for my new car I bought and started last year. Savin' up money to travel a little bit before I get an apt. I still live at home with Mom & Dad. Itchin' to get an apt. Kinda bored with life, not gonna lie. Here's to increasing stimulation but not the population. :)

Can't wait for SUMMER. The Fray 6/14. Busch Gardens 5/16. King's Dominion 4/18.

Golden birthday this year. 7/23. 2WENTY 3HREE on the 23rd. <3

For those of you still out there, drop in and say hey. Missed you guys.

(Not really writing this blog to keep you all updated. Writing so when I check back on it, I can say wow, I am glad I got that done and move on.)
» How long have you been waiting for something truly mesmerizing?
As I sit here, with coffee and cigarettes on my breath, I thank God for this time to sit and think.

My dad placed a personalized bill, with stuff I owe listed, on my bed last night. (below is what the bill entailed)

$85 - Cell phone (because I went overon TXT's and downloads last month)
$80 - Car insurance
$40 - Petroleum he bought (on a cruise he took out in town with my car)
$ ? - Transmission (and labor costs) - the question mark is there to ask me what I think is reasonable
$205 - Minimum total by September 30

The cherry on top was what was written at the bottom.

"Rent will start Oct 15, 2006 and will be $75.00 a week."

(I talked to my dad tonight and asked him for $40.00 a week, he complied and said it was reasonable. Then at the end of our conversation, he told me that rent won't even start until November, and then he told me, "no, January." "We just want you to budget your money."

I told my dad about my baptism, and that it was going to be on October 8th. He told me he had off that weekend, I was filled with surprise and compensated by joy. Told him what would happen, didn't care if it was cold, and who I wanted to be there. Asked him to invite some of his family if they'd like to fly out.

My parents have never given me a curfew and now I have to be home by 2AM every night.
I think on the days I have to work the following afternoon I will arrive home (to surprise my parents) by the stroke of midnight. They have complained time and time again (but never given a curfew) that I come strolling in at all hours of the night, and they don't like it.

A good day.
» About to explode.
I feel as if that's what's about to happen.

I'm unhappy with my job. I'm unhappy with my living situation. I'm unhappy that I can't get up to fix either of those two things. I can't wake up in the morning, leaving me to keep this job which sucks. If I could change that around and not go to bed at 3:30 in the morning every night and wake up right before work, the opportunities would be endless. My parents bug the crap out of me for staying out late after work. I don't want to come home and just sleep, especially after hyping up on coffee and cigarettes. I want to express myself to my friends whom I care deeply about. I want to have a good time and not worry that my mom is at home in her bubble of worry over what time I will be getting home. Also in her bubble of worry is she always thinks I'm going to get in some big car accident that will take my life. Reasonable, yes, since she's my mom, but I don't want to hear that every night when I come home at 2 or 3.

Last quote from my mom, 3:23am "Errick, go to bed." See what I mean?

I need to get up early, I don't want to stay up late.
I need to get up early, I don't want to procrastinate.

Thanks for reading. Take it easy, all.
» Somehow I just wouldn't mind.
Errick: At age 33, your head will explode after being exposed to Britney Spears for thirty-six consecutive hours!

Side comment -- I don't see that as bad, and I probably wouldn't die from it. Seeing as how I listen to her music sometimes, anyways. Now if the song Anticipating was stuck on repeat for those thirty-six consecutive hours, maybe then. But I wouldn't die just from being exposed to her, no way.


Find out how long you're going to live and how you will die, all by going to that link. It's like playing God or something.
» Cake - The Distance (ringback)
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